LG Blue-tooth Voice Magic Remote Control MR18BA MR19BA MR20GA

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Product Code: YKR-019

the LG Magic remote control with full function

the following remotes: AN-MB18BA,AN-MB19BA,AN-MB20BA,etc

Hot key support : Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Google Play, etc.

No programming is needed ,easy to use.

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Brand Name


Model Number








Place of origin



ABS / New ABS / transparent PC


Fixed Code


Waterproof  / Blue-tooth Voice



Suitable for

2018 LG Smart TV's

2019 LG Smart TV's

2020 LG Smart TV's






2.4G Hz


LG / Customized


PE bag

Product structure

PCB+Rubber+Plastic+Shell+Spring+LED +IC+Resistance+Capacitance


100pc per Carton

Carton Size

62*33*31 cm

Unit Weight

69.2 g

Gross Weight

8.38 kg

Net Weight

6.92 kg



LG remote control: LG Magic Remote is quite a lot. It is the genuine Remote control perfect partner for your LG Smart TV. Imagine, it lets you simply, click,point, scroll or use voice commands on your LG AI Smart TV. The remote is compatible for the following LG TV MODELS: OLED Models: W8, E8, C8, B8 UHD 4K Models: UK7700, UK6570, UK6500, UK6300 Super UHD Models: SK9500, SK9000, SK8070, SK8000(POWER)Turns on or turn off the TV. By adding the set-top box to the universal remote control for your TV, you can turn your STB box on or off . Number buttons is for Enters numbers. (DASH) (DASH) is designed to be inserted between numbers, such as 3-1 and 3-2. Accesses the programs list or saved channels. Press (DASH) to bring up BML data broadcasting.(Depending on country) You can access Live TV or apps using the number buttons corresponding to the features. (Screen remote) Displays the Screen Remote. - Accesses the Universal Control Menu in certain regions. (Screen remote)* / Video/audio descriptions function available.(Depending on country) - SAP (Secondary Audio Program) feature can also available by pressing the (Screen remote)* button. (Depending on country) Adjusts the volume. (MUTE) Mutes all sounds. * Scrolls through the saved channels or programs. Accesses the Accessibility menu. 4 (Voice recognition)* Given the voice display bar is activated on the TV screen, press and hold the button and speak your command out clear and loud. (HOME) Accesses the Home menu. (HOME)* / It shows the previous history. Displays the STB box Home menu. (if you are not watching via a STB box: the display will changes to the STB box screen.) Wheel (OK) Press the center of the Wheel (OK) button to select a menu. By using the Wheel (OK) button you can change channels or programs . (up/down/left/right) Press the up, down, left, or right button, you can scroll the menu. If you press buttons while the pointer is in use, the pointer will disappear from the screen and the Magic Remote will operate just like a general remote. If you want to display the pointer on the screen again, just shake the Magic Remote to the left and right. BACK Returns to the previous screen. BACK Clears on-screen displays content and returns to last input viewing. Shows guide of channels or programs . (INPUT) Changes source of the input . (INPUT)* Displays a list of all the external inputs. Streaming Service buttons Aim to connects to the Video Streaming Service. (Q. Settings) Accesses the Quick Settings. (Q. Settings)* D splays the All Settings menu. Coloured buttons They access special functions in some menus. Red Button*: It runs the record function. (Depending on country) Control buttons  Controls med a contents. (TELETEXT buttons) They are used for teletext. You can view it in full screen by zooming on the selected area. You can zoom on the area where the remote control is pointed. * If you need to use the buttons, press and hold them for more than 3 seconds.

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