Universal Wi-Fi voice remote control

About this item Product Code:YKR-059 Universal blue-tooth voice remote control. Suit for Universal Express, Universal Streaming Stick, Universal Premiere,Universal Ultra,Universal 2, Universal 3 y Universal 4. Original remote quality. One for One. Perfect touch feeling. Programming is needed.

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Place of origin



ABS / New ABS / transparent PC


Fixed Code


Waterproof  / Wi-Fi



Suitable for

Universal Express, Universal Streaming Stick,

Universal Premiere,Universal Ultra, Universal 2, Universal 3 y Universal 4






36k-40k Hz


Universal / Customized


PE bag

Product structure



100pc per Carton

Carton Size

62*33*31 cm

Unit Weight

60.6 g

Gross Weight

7.52 kg

Net Weight

6.06 kg



Product description

Universal remote control: CONNECT TO THE WI-FI Given your Universal device connected to power and it is powered on, you'll be guided through a setup process. More,you will be required to connect the stick or box to the internet. To setup for Universal boxes / TVs, you'll be required to choose Wired or Wireless to connect  to a router and the internet The wired option will not appear for Universal Streaming Sticks. If you choose Wired, please remember to connect your Universal box or TV to your router using an Ethernet cable. The Universal device will directly connect to your home network and the internet. After confirmed, you can continue with the remaining setup steps for Universal device. If you select Wireless, additional steps are needed to complete the connection procedure before moving on to the rest of the Universal device setup steps. If it is first time wireless connection setup, the Universal device will automatically scan for any available networks within range. If the available networks list appears,choose your wireless network from the list. If you can not find your home network, select Scan again until it appears on the next listing. If failed to find your network, the Universal and router may be too far apart. If you can connecting to your router using other net, that is one of solutions. Second solution is to move the Universal device and router closer together or add a wireless range extender. Once you decided your network, it will check whether the Wi-Fi and internet connection are working properly. If yes, then you can proceed. If not, you should check whether you have chosen the correct network. Once Universal connected to your network, you need to enter the network password. Then, select Connect. If the password was entered correctly, you'll see a confirmation stating the Universal device has connected to your home network and the internet. Once connected, the Universal device will automatically search for any available firmware/software updates. If any are found,it will download and install them. Please note that the Universal device may need to reboot/restart at the end of the software/firmware update procedure. Wait until this process finished. Then, you can moving on to additional setup steps or viewing. Connect Universal to Wi-Fi After First-Time Setup If you intend to connect the Universal to a new Wi-Fi network, or switching from a Wired to Wireless network, please see blow operation steps: 1.Press the Home button on your remote. 2.Select Settings > Network in the Universal onscreen menu. 3.Select Set Up Connection (as mentioned previously). 4.Select Wireless (if both the Wired and Wireless options available). 5.Universal takes time to find your network. 6.Enter your network password and wait for connection confirmation. Connect Universal to Wi-Fi in a Dorm or Hotel Universal has a great feature that you can travel with your streaming stick or box and use it in  Hotel or dorm room. Before packing your Universal for use in another location, make sure the location provides Wi-Fi and the TV you'll be using has an available HDMI connection you can access from the TV's remote control. You may need your Universal Account log-in information, please prepare in advance. Once you are ready to use the Universal, follow below steps: 1.Get the location's network password. 2.Connect your Universal stick or box to power and the TV you need to use. 3.Press the Home button on the Universal remote. 4.Go to Settings > Network > Set Up Connection. Please select Wireless. Once the network connection established , please select I am at a hotel or college dorm.​Several prompts will appear on the TV screen for authentication purposes,e.g. entering the Wi-Fi password.Once the Wi-Fi setup is confirmed, you can enjoy your Universal device's features and favorite streaming content.

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